Connect business strategy
with project management
Drive your strategy with Portfoleon: a lean project portfolio management software that helps you stay on top of your game.
Manage resources
Gain visibility into your resources, find and resolve bottlenecks

Portfoleon shows where your team’s efforts go. Identify challenges and discover patterns in your resource usage. Resolve bottlenecks to improve productivity by addressing the root cause of the issue.

Visualize timelines
Stay on top of your projects with a top-down view

Portfoleon helps you present the ‘bigger picture’ in real-time and send reminders when an update is overdue.

Choose a stand-alone solution, or integrate with your software

Portfoleon easily integrates into your IT infrastructure, working seamlessly with other software tools to streamline internal operations and transform the way you do business.

Organizations served
Projects created
Portfolios managed

Organization strategy must be alive and breathing in order to make an impact. 42% of executives are concerned about the alignment behind the strategy in their organizations. Having an up-to-date realistic top-down view of the projects and priorities is a crucial part of the alignment and a key to successful execution of the strategy.

Are you familiar with the situation whereby you have 100+1 versions of the portfolio roadmap in Excel files, Powerpoint slides, or emails and everybody has their own version? Managers make decisions based on outdated information, and the disconnect is only growing.

We believe that an effective link between strategy and execution is possible only if everyone has access to the up-to-date plans and roadmaps. Updating your plans quarterly, or worse – twice a year, is absolutely not enough. Your teams will only consult the plans and will take them seriously if these plans represent the latest data on priorities and schedules. Furthermore, the buy-in depends on the plans being ambitious and realistic from a schedule and resource standpoint.

Portfoleon is a piece of lean no-nonsense software designed to make your project portfolio management and product roadmapping better today.