Why choose Portfoleon?

Made to do the job, no bloat, and easy to adopt

Sometimes enterprise software gets complicated.

We believe that professional tools should be laser-focused to do one thing, and do it well.

Sure, the idea of having one huge monster software to automate all processes in the organization may look very attractive, but in most cases, this will lead to a lengthy, expensive, and disappointing implementation that is simply not an option in the reality of today.

Portfoleon is focused on the collaborative planning of multiple projects and programs, providing all necessary tools for the job – no more and no less. You can get started in a matter of hours – just fill in (or copy-paste) your list of projects and you are ready to go!

Portfoleon is faster than the other tools

Complex gantt chart in Microsoft Project
Looks very nice before the first change is needed.

Our idea for Portfoleon is to make your project portfolio management and product roadmapping effortless.

Many project portfolio management tools out there are extremely intolerant to change. Have you ever tried to reschedule a project on Microsoft Project Server? If you have, you know the pain. The tasks suddenly start to overlap, the resource plan gets completely messed up, and you have to do a lot of manual adjustments to bring in back to normal.

In Portfoleon, rescheduling a project can be as easy as drag-and-drop. Resources will be automatically shifted, phases updated, and broken dependencies flagged. The whole experience will take you all but a few seconds.

Mass-updating projects can be done in a spreadsheet mode with drag-to-fill. Furthermore, scaling projects will automatically adjust resource plans and intermediate milestones etc.

Animated resource timeline
Portfoleon will shift and resize projects in a smart way automatically updating resource assignments.


Portfoleon is configurable

You will not get very far with a piece of software which is too generic for your goals. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for product management or project portfolio management. Your project details, corporate terminology, and stakeholders are not the same as they are in another company.

Portfoleon has a powerful engine which handles custom fields, project types, editing forms, and unlimited views. You can slice your portfolio against any dimension that you define, such as department, customer, team, market – anything really.

Here’s an example of how you can configure a timeline to check how much sponsorship is required for each project.

Portfoleon is made for collaboration

A real plan is done in collaboration between project managers, resource managers, program managers, project sponsors, and other stakeholders. We know that collaboration is much more than just having everybody randomly editing one plan or a diagram. Some changes need to have an immediate effect, such as updating project completion status, while other changes may take weeks to discuss before they are finally effective.

Portfoleon provides tools for a manager to prepare changes in an isolated draft environment, while everyone else is working with the version of the plan that is currently effective.

Each manager can make changes in their own context and everybody will get an updated picture as soon as the changes are published.

Portfoleon is easy to integrate

For every function of Portfoleon, there is a simple REST API method. Portfoleon can be integrated with almost any software, such as task management, finance, or ERP.

Portfoleon is evolving fast

We are moving at startup speed to create a new lean no-nonsense project portfolio management and roadmapping tool. The software is updated every few weeks with new simple-but-powerful functions to make your professional life easier. No feature bloat, no pointless functions. We are laser-focused on the collaborative planning of a project portfolio.