Item dependencies

For every range-type item you can specify inter-item dependencies using the Dependencies tab of the work item editor.

You can link items together using the following link types:

Link typeHow it works
Includes / is included inIf an item A includes item B it means that item B is included in the scope of item A. Portfoleon will check that timeline of item B is within the boundaries of the timeline of item A.
Includes / is included in is different from Parent / child dependency in the following ways:One item can be included in many items, while an item can only have one parent.There’s no total effort rollup with Includes / is included in, while with Parent / child all totals are rolled up to the root parent.
Predecessor / successorThe predecessor must finish before the successor starts.
Starts before / starts afterItem A must start before Item B may start.
Finishes before / finishes afterItem A must end before Item B may end.

You can show dependencies on timeline boards as arrows or in lane-by-link mode. Portfoleon will control dependencies integrity when you apply your draft changes.