About Portfoleon

Organization strategy must be alive and breathing in order to make an impact. 42% of executives are concerned about the alignment behind the strategy in their organizations. Having an up-to-date realistic top-down view of the projects and priorities is a crucial part of the alignment and a key to successful execution of the strategy.

Are you familiar with the situation whereby you have 100+1 versions of the portfolio roadmap in Excel files, Powerpoint slides, or emails and everybody has their own version? Managers make decisions based on outdated information, and the disconnect is only growing.

We believe that an effective link between strategy and execution is possible only if everyone has access to the up-to-date plans and roadmaps. Updating your plans quarterly, or worse – twice a year, is absolutely not enough. Your teams will only consult the plans and will take them seriously if these plans represent the latest data on priorities and schedules. Furthermore, the buy-in depends on the plans being ambitious and realistic from a schedule and resource standpoint.

Portfoleon is a piece of lean no-nonsense software designed to automate project portfolio management and product roadmapping today.

Designed for collaboration
A real plan is done in collaboration between project managers, resource managers, program managers, project sponsors, and other stakeholders.
There is no one-size-fits-all solution for product management or project portfolio management. Your project details, corporate terminology, and stakeholders are not the same as they are in another company.
In Portfoleon, rescheduling a project can be as easy as drag-and-drop. Resources will be automatically shifted, phases updated, and broken dependencies flagged. The whole experience will take you all but a few seconds.
Easy to integrate
For every function of Portfoleon, there is a simple REST API method. Portfoleon can be integrated with almost any software, such as task management, finance, or ERP.
Made to do the job
We believe that professional tools should be laser-focused to do one thing, and do it well. Portfoleon is focused on the collaborative planning of multiple projects and programs, providing all necessary tools for the job – no more and no less.
Moving at startup speed
We are evolving fast to create a new lean no-nonsense project portfolio management and roadmapping tool. The software is updated every few weeks with new simple-but-powerful functions to make your professional life easier.

Collaborate, communicate, plan, and deliver together

Use familiar tools such as Excel-like spreadsheets, simple drag-and-drop functionality, and pivot tables to quickly make and update a portfolio plan or a roadmap. It should take you a few minutes per week to keep the planning up-to-date.

With all the simplicity of the tools, Portfoleon offers a powerful backend that allows for multi-user collaboration, automatic snapshots and the ability to go back in time, managing project dependencies and more.

Build a team, make the best use of your talent pool, and solve the challenging resource puzzle

Plan and manage your project resources visually. Make sure your plan is effective and realistic by consulting capacity/demand tables, resource timelines, and calendars. Portfoleon can give you instant feedback on your resource load when you plan the projects on the timeline so that you can spot the bottlenecks right away and take action.

Integrate seamlessly in your IT landscape

Portfoleon is not one of those monster tools that require you to update all your processes and migrate half of your data to another database. On the contrary, Portfoleon is a lightweight application that is designed to enable you to collaborate with your stakeholders on portfolio plans and roadmaps, and it performs this function well.

Instead of forcing you to replace all your project management processes, automated tools, physical kanban boards, or accounting applications, Portfoleon takes a different evolutionary approach. Build on top of your existing process and experience by adding a new layer of portfolio management. You can get started immediately from a minimal set of data (you can just copy-paste a list of your projects to Portfoleon) and establish a reference roadmap data source for your organization in minutes. Gain more value by gradually importing more data and adding integrations where necessary, making more portfolios and boards as your portfolio management evolves. This evolutionary process will allow you to start fast, avoid major process disruption, and make everybody in your organization happier with the change.

One important thing for IT is vendor lock-in. Portfoleon is made so that you do not end up in a vendor lock-in situation. In other words, you will always be able to get the data out of the system easily, even if your license expires. The process to get the data out is plain and easy – just open a spreadsheet view and copy all the project data. You can also retrieve the data through the REST API – again even after the license expiration.

We offer a free plan

We believe that our product, and not a salesperson, should do the talking. Instead of hiding behind marketing brochures and general statements about the product, we invite you to try it out here and now. Invite your team members to play with the product before you make a decision. If you have any questions for us, please drop us a line to get help or a suggestion.