How to share up-to-date information on what’s going on with stakeholders

Set up organization

As the first step, set up your organization to manage projects. Configure items and forms, input initial set of data in bulk and continue to update and add new projects in Portfoleon.

To have a complete picture of your portfolio, set up the organization for resource management. Configure resources – define roles, teams, locations, fill in the table with resources and availability calendar. And then allocate resources to phases in your projects.

Create views

Now you can create multiple timeline diagrams showing all or some projects grouped and colored differently. You can also create different table views with selected projects, choose columns to be shown, highlight key values in cells.

For example, the timelines and the table below are all built on one source of truth, representing the same set of projects.

This timeline is visualization of the Department year plan. The projects are split to lanes by departments, the bars are colored by key goals to which projects contribute.

Another timeline presents Portfolio overview with additional information about planned effort.

While this table contains selection of R&D projects and highlights their contribution to developing particular brands.

Share information

There are several options to share up-to-date information with your stakeholders.

You can invite a new member to work in your Portfoleon organization. Press on Portfoleon logo  , choose an organization, press the icon Share, enter an email, and choose access level.

You can also share only a portfolio, and not the whole organization. Choose the portfolio, press the icon Share, enter an email or choose an existing user, and choose access level.

Or you can share a particular view in a portfolio. Open the view, press the icon Share, enter an email, and choose access level.

Note that you can also enable private link access and share your view with those who don’t use Portfoleon.

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