How to make and communicate decisions to reshuffle projects

As a first step, set up your organization to manage projects. Configure items and forms, input initial set of data in bulk and continue to update and add new projects in Portfoleon.

To make a decision to reshuffle projects, you need to take into account possible resource conflicts. Therefore, set up resource tracking in your organization. Configure resources – define roles, teams, locations, fill in the table with resources and availability calendar. And then allocate resources to phases in your projects.

Now check whether you have enough resources to implement the plan. Analyse issues with resources using filtering in the resource chart on a timeline or a pivot.

Make your planning realistic by adding needed resources or rescheduling projects.

The most intuitive and visual way to reschedule a project is to drag it on a Timeline. You can also change the project dates by opening a project (double-click on its bar on a timeline or on its row in a table) and editing Start and End values.

It is important to remember, that all your edits are done in draft. While you are drafting out your plan updates, the teams and the customers will see the latest approved timeline. You can roll out all updates in one consistent transaction. Later, you will be able to see the complete history of how the plans evolved. Read more in the section Working with baselines.

When your are satisfied with the resulting planning, publish the changes and make them visible to others.

To emphasize different aspects of the planning, you can create different views and share them with stakeholders.

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