How to check how much effort do my projects require

Before you get started, you will need to set up your organization for resource tracking and project management. Here’s how to do it:

1. Set up resources – define roles, teams, locations, fill in the table with resources and availability calendar.

2. Set up projects. Configure items and forms, input initial set of data in bulk and continue to update and add new projects in Portfoleon.

3. Assign resources to projects. For each project define phases (or leave it with one default phase covering the whole project) and allocate resources to each phase.

Once you are set up, you can use Portfoleon to check how much effort do your projects require. To do it, you can use a Timeline, or build a Pivot table.


Build a Timeline board showing your projects.

  1. Open the default view ‘Projects per team’ or create a new timeline board. The board shows all your items on the timeline as bars (for projects or other ‘range’ items having duration in time) or flags (for milestones, events and other ‘point’ items which occur on a particular date).
  2. Define selection criteria for the timeline. There can be hundreds of projects in total, but not all of them should be shown on this particular view.
  3. Configure the timeline board.
    • Define how do you want to group items in lanes and sub-lanes, e.g. you may show a lane per each location or team, associated with your projects.
    • Set boundaries and column scale for your timeline. You may choose to allow Portfoleon to adjust timeline boundaries and scale automatically depending on items shown on it. Or you may ‘hardcode’ the view to show for example a one-year timeline broken down by months.
    • Define which information should be shown on bars, e.g. item name, dates, any additional information which you store in custom fields.
    • Define which colors should bars and flags have depending on values of their attributes, e.g. show projects of one manager in green and projects of another in blue, or show HR projects in red and Marketing projects in orange.

To show resource allocation on the timeline’s bars and lanes, open its Settings , switch to Card tab, and tick the checkbox Show planned effort.

Now each bar on the timeline board shows total amount of FTE allocated to the corresponding project. Summarized FTE value for all projects grouped in a particular lane is shown in the lane header.

Pivot table

As an alternative to the Timeline, you can build a Resource pivot.

Drag and drop Item to be shown in rows and Resource in columns. Sum of FTE is shown in cells by default.

Press  to choose a time period for data analysis.

You can open Settings  and choose to include drafts into analysis or to exclude drafts. If you hide drafts, then the timeline is built based on the current published version of data (without unpublished changes). See more on versioning and drafts in the section Working with baselines.

In Totals column of the pivot you can see summarized effort which each project requires during the chosen period. 

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