How do I check who does what and when

Portfoleon will provide information about teams and individual resources utilization.

How do I share up-to-date plans

You can share the portfolio plan with your stakeholders. Portfoleon will provide tools to customize views for each individual stakeholder group to highlight various aspects of your portfolio.

What if my stakeholder is not using Portfoleon

You can share any view with external stakeholders even if they are not using Portfoleon.

How do I reshuffle projects

Portfoleon will make it easy for you to plan and prepare an update to the project plans, and publish the updates in one go when you get an approval. During the update preparation, you can work with resource management tools to make sure your plan stays realistic.

How do I check how much sponsorship do I need

You can set up Portfoleon fields and views to keep tabs on the project effort for each project sponsor.

How do I check whether I have enough resources

Portfoleon will show resource excess and shortage on a timeline. With the help of resource views you can identify where exactly the resource issues are, and take action.

How do I check how much effort do my projects require

You can display your total project effort on a timeline, or you can use pivot tables to explore resource requirements in more detail.