Working with baselines

While you are drafting out your plan updates, the teams and the customers will see the latest approved timeline. You can roll out all updates in one consistent transaction. Later, you will be able to see the complete history of how the plans evolved.

When you update items in Portfoleon, the changes are stored as your draft. You can anytime see number of items you’ve changed from the previous applied version.



Note that Protfoleon applies historical approach only to item data. This means that it does not store versions of diagrams settings or versions of resources configuration and allocation.

View changed items

Press Show drafts in the Draft menu to see all items you’ve added, changed, or removed since the last applied version.

Rollback changes

You can choose several items in the View draft work items dialog and rollback the selected changes.

Or you can rollback all the changes which you’ve done since the last applied version. Choose Rollback all changes in the Draft menu.

Apply changes

When you’ve finished a consistent set of changes and ready to publish those and make visible to others, press Apply all changes in the Draft menu.

Enter a comment.

This comment will be shown for this new version in the history.

View history of versions

Versions menu allows to see the full history of revisions. Each time when a user applies their changes, Portfoleon stores a new version of data with timestamp, user name and given comment.

Press All revisions in the Versions menu to see more details.

Move back in time

The history in Portfoleon is alive. You can see the last applied version with or without drafted changes. Or you can choose a version and see data on item diagrams and tables as they were when this version was applied. You can also set a date and see the situation exactly as it was at that moment.


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