Visualizing and analyzing resources demand and allocation

Show resources on item timelines

You can create a view to visualize items (projects) on a timeline. When configuring a timeline view you set up selection and sorting, lanes and sub-lanes, coloring, and card configuration. To see on the timeline a bar chart for resources allocation, checkmark ‘Show resources’ on the Timeline tab of the timeline Settings. See more on timeline configuration to visualize resources allocation in the section Configure timeline (Show resources).

Use resource timeline

Use resource timeline to see who does what and when. This diagram visualizes projects on timeline placed in lanes per person, role, location, or team.

To open resource timeline, navigate to your organization or workspace and launch Resource timeline.

Note that resources are defined in Portfoleon on Organization level. Controls related to resource management which are accessible from Workspace screen lead to the resource management functionality on Organization level (just to simplify navigation).

Resource timeline shows projects separated into lanes by a person. The same project appears on the diagram several times – once per each person allocated to it.

You can change the resource timeline settings. Press   to open Settings dialog.

There you can choose to show or hide drafts on the diagram. If you hide drafts, then the timeline is built based on the current published version of data (without unpublished changes). See more on versioning and drafts in the section Working with baselines.

You can also change lanes configuration and choose to show projects per resource role, location, or team.

Press  to choose a time period for data visualization.

Configure resource pivots

Pivots is a powerful tool to analyse data. Use Resource pivot function to see in a glance the overall picture of resources allocation.

Choose which data to show in rows, columns, and cells. Press  to choose a time period for data analysis.

Press   to open Settings dialog. Similarly to Resource Timeline configuration, you can choose to include drafted data into analysis or to exclude drafts. If you use grouping by Date in the pivot, you can set the time period for data aggregation.

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