Managing resources

Resources are people in different roles, members of different teams in multiple locations. You can define resource demand and supply for each phase of each project in the portfolio.

Define resource roles, teams and locations

To start working with resources, define roles (e.g. project manager, business analyst, marketing coordinator, etc.), teams and locations.

Navigate to your organization or a particular workspace in it (you can access the same functionality for resources management from both organization and workspace level). Open the lists of roles, teams and locations and fill them in.

Manage resources

When you’ve configured resource roles, locations, and teams, you are ready to enter information about people.

In the resources area of your organization or workspace double click on Resources.

In the list of resources enter names and define role, team and location for each. Put the amount of FTE in % to designate availability of a particular person in the given role, team and location.

Press Apply.

Note that you can open the list of roles, locations, and teams from the page with resources.

Define resource availability

For each person in the list of resources put the date when they start to work. Then switch to Calendar. There you can see amount of FTE in % available for each person per day. You can put values which differ from standard for particular days (e.g. to reflect vacations), these values become highlighted on Calendar. Press Apply.

Press Dates in menu to change the time period displayed on Calendar.

Define resource demand and allocate resources

Resource demand and allocation is done in Portfoleon per work item (project) phase.

Open an item (project) for editing (e.g. by double clicking on its bar on a timeline diagram) and switch to the Phases tab.

Portfoleon shows one default phase which fills in all the time frame of the item (project).

Split the project on several phases, each with different demand for resources.

On the example below the project is divided on 3 phases: inception, construction, and transition.

Phases can have different duration type: percentage of the whole project duration, working days, weeks, etc. A special kind of the phase duration is ‘Fills all available time’. Every project should have one and only one phase of this type.

You can press on the  icon for a particular phase to define needed resources and allocation.

Or switch to Resources tab and allocate resources for all phases in one Excel-like spreadsheet.

Note that values in Resource, Role, Location, Team dropdowns are filtered to simplify entering of information. For example, when you choose a location and then open the dropdown with resources, it will contain only those resources which are available in this location. When you choose a  resource, Portfoleon defines location and team automatically.

Like other Portfoleon tables, the list of Resources supports Excel-like operations. You can also copy data and paste to Excel, or paste to another Portfoleon item.


How can I copy resource allocation from one project to another?

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