Getting started

Register to Portfoleon

  1. Go to and press Register Now.
  2. Fill in registration form.
    1. Enter your full name.
    2. Use working email address as your login. You’ll get activation link and code there.
    3. Enter a password containing not less than 4 symbols. You’ll use it to access your data in Portfoleon.
  3. Press Register.
  4. Check your emails. Find the one from Portfoleon with the subject ‘Your activation code’. Click the link in this email for activation or copy the activation code and enter it into the registration form manually.
  5. You’ve entered Portfoleon. It proposes you to create a new organization.

Create your first organization

If you don’t have access to any organization yet, you may create an organization right after you log in.

You can choose to create in this new organization a basic new workspace and start configuring it for your needs. Or you may create an example from a template to try Portfoleon’s features on the predefined set of test data.

Now you are in the newly created organization. When you choose ‘Basic new workspace’ option, Portfoleon creates a default workspace ‘New Workspace’ and a default view ‘Projects per Team’.

Access data of someone else

Alternatively to creating your own organization, you can access data of someone else and start collaboration.

If your colleague has already started with Portfoleon and shared with you an organization, you may join by entering an invitation code which you’ve got via email.

  1. Press Enter an invitation code.
  2. Fill in the code and press Save.

You’ve entered the shared organization. You see the list of its workspaces. Double click on a workspace to go inside and start working with views.


How can I edit my profile?

Can I use the same login for several organizations?

What if I forgot my password?

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