Define selection and sorting

A new view by default contains all data of a workspace. But you can limit the set of data, e.g. to show projects of the current year, or projects and milestones related to a particular program or department.

Open the view by double clicking on its name.

Now press  icon in the right top corner to open Settings for the view.

Settings for a timeline view differ from those for a table. To fully configure a timeline you need to define selection criteria, sorting rules, visual configuration (lanes, sub-lanes, showing resources, timeline boundaries, item cards setup), and coloring. For a table view only selection, sorting and coloring can be configured.

On the Selection tab of Settings you can choose one or several conditions for built-in fields (like Item ID, Item Type, Name, etc.) and add conditions for custom fields. When processing selection conditions Portfoleon connects them with logical ‘AND’.

To add to selection criteria a condition for a built-in field, checkmark the field and put a value. E.g. if you need to show in a view only projects (and hide milestones), then choose a checkbox for ‘Item type’ and select ‘Project’ value.

To add a condition for a custom field, press New Condition, choose the field, an operator, and a value (e.g. Department = HR).

Set of available operators depends on the field type.

On the Sorting tab (next to Selection on the Settings pane) you can add one or several fields to sort the results and choose the sorting direction (ascending or descending) for each of them.

Press  icon in the upper right corner of the Settings pane to apply the settings.


I’ve added a project, but it is not shown on a view. Why?

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