Create new workspace

One Portfoleon organization can have several workspaces. But when do you need more than one workspace?

Work items of the same workspace share the same set of fields. And although you can choose which fields to hide and which fields to show on an item form,  it is better to create different workspaces for items of substantially different meaning and structure.

Another reason to create several workspaces is when you need to grant different access to each of them.

To create a new workspace, enter the organization and then press Add workspace.

Then you can choose to create a basic new workspace, with several item types (project, milestone, event) and several custom fields (Priority, Project manager, Project scope, Team).

Another option is to create a workspace from a template. Portfoleon provides an example of pre-configured workspace ‘Technical Apparel’ which you can use to explore Portfoleon features.

Enter a name for the new workspace in the dialog and press Save.

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