Configure timeline

When Selection and Sorting satisfy your needs, you can configure visual representation of the timeline.

Use Timeline and Card tabs of Settings.

Lanes and sub-lanes

You can choose a field for Lane and for Sub-lane. Portfoleon will draw a swimlane for each value of the field chosen in the Lane dropdown. Inside each lane a set of sub-lanes will be drawn, one per each value in the Sub-lane field.

Items (e.g. projects, milestones) appear on the timeline in particular lanes depending on values in their fields.

If you have chosen to split the timeline by a tag field, an item will be shown duplicated in several lanes if it has multiple values in this tag field.

For example, on the timeline below the project ‘Rent a factory floor’ is shown twice – in the sub-lanes for Finance and Production.

This happens because the project has both ‘Finance’ and ‘Production’ chosen in the Department field (which is used as a sub-lane on this diagram).

Show resources

On the same Timeline tab of a timeline Settings you can setup visualization for resources. See more on resources configuration in the Managing resources section.

To show a bar chart for resources allocation on a timeline view, checkmark ‘Show resources’. 

When this configuration is applied, Portfoleon shows a bar per a time period (the period is picked up by the system to ensure optimal visualization). The height of the bar corresponds to the average amount of FTE allocated to all projects (not only those which are shown on this timeline view) on the given period. The bar appears in red color if this amount of FTE exceeds resources availability.

See how resources are displayed on the picture below.

Press  to filter resources bar chart by role, location, or team.

Timeline boundaries

Portfoleon automatically defines the time period and the scale for columns when drawing a timeline diagram, depending on start and end of items shown on it. But you can enforce your preferred diapason and column scale for a timeline view on the Timeline tab of Settings.

Card configuration

Items are shown as bars on a timeline diagram. By default Portfoleon shows an item name on each bar. You can add other information on a bar – dates, progress line (based on Complete% value), planned effort (based on alocated resources), and values of any other fields.

Use Card tab on the view settings.

Coloring in timeline view

Bars on a timeline can have different color depending on values in item fields. This gives you additional dimension for visualization.

Go to Coloring tab on the view Settings.

For example, on the diagram below projects are divided by lanes depending on Department, in addition each project has a color depending on the Goal they are contributing to.


Why the same project is shown several times on a timeline?

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