Add item types

Each workspace can contain several types of work items.When you create a workspace from the ‘Basic new workspace’ template, Portfoleon automatically adds Project, Milestone, Event item types.

You may add your own item types in a workspace. Navigate to the workspace and press Work Item Types.

In the dialog enter a name for the new item type and choose a class for it.

There are three item classes in Portfoleon – card, point and range. Use ‘card’ for items which are not characterized by a moment or a period of time, like for example ‘epic’ item. For such items like ‘milestone’, ‘event’ or likewise use ‘point’ item class, as those happen at a particular moment (point) in time. ‘Range’ item class is for items which have duration (start and end dates), for example ‘project’ or ‘program’.

To finalize adding of the new work item type, press + to the right.

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