Add custom fields

A workspace is intended for storing work items. Those work items are characterized by a set of attributes, also called ‘fields’.

There are several built-in fields for any item, configuration of which you cannot change: name, start and end dates, compete %.

You can add custom fields to store information in a structure suitable for your unique needs.

When you create a workspace from the ‘Basic new workspace’ template, several custom fields are created automatically: Priority, Project manager, Project scope, Team.

To add a custom field, navigate to the workspace and press Fields.

Enter a field name (internal name, cannot contain spaces), caption (as it will be named on item forms), and field type.

Portfoleon supports the following field types: text, number, date, list, tags, rich text, and user.

To finalize adding of the new custom field, press + to the right.

For fields of the types List and Tag you need to define a set of possible values. Press  icon.


What if I need a field for one type of item (e.g. for projects), but it does not make sense for another type (e.g. for milestone)?

What are the types of fields?

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