Accessing organizations

Switch between your organizations

When you’ve logged into Portfoleon, it opens the last workspace you’ve worked with.

To switch to another organization you may press on Portfoleon logo  or choose Change organization command.

Portfoleon shows the list of organizations. Choose one and double click to enter inside.

Create new organization

Navigate to the list of organizations by clicking on Portfoleon logo  or choosing Change organization command.

Under the list of organizations find the button Add organization.

Access organization of someone else

Multiple users can access and manipulate with data of the same organization. If you are a new user, you can start from joining organization of your colleagues via invitation code.

If you are already a user in one or several Portfoleon organizations and need access to another one, then ask its owner to share the organization with you. When the organization is shared with you, you’ll see its name in the list of organizations.

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