18 Aug: Portfoleon goes alpha

I am super excited, as we have reached the Alpha milestone with Portfoleon, so I am going to make a short post about why did I start making Portfoleon in the first place. There are quite some great project management tools on the market already, such as Jira (my favorite!)…

Red pill, blue pill

29 Mar: Good Projects and Bad Projects to Have in Your Portfolio

Are projects the only reasonable way to develop products? Do you, as a portfolio manager, use projects as your only means to add value? Projects “Cargo Cult” According to the PwC global project management report, 97% of organizations believe that project management is critical to business performance and organizational success….


09 Mar: The Key to Good Project Kickoff

You know something is wrong when people on your project team come to meetings unprepared and waste time on endless discussions, find other things to do than what your project requires, and do not openly acknowledge there is a problem. These symptoms indicate a problem that appeared as early as…